Lockdown: An opportunity

What a difference a month can make. This time a month a go we were planning adventures and talking of all the things we’d like to do this month and year; Climbing projects, cycle tours and lots of other little things. We’ve joined a massive club of people with cancelled plans and things we want to do that will just have to wait. But with all this comes a massive opportunity. One thing we never have quite enough of is time and now we have it in abundance.

We we’re supposed to be climbing when the announcement on lockdown began. Our van was loaded, we’d chosen a crag and we were really looking forward to spending some time on the rock for the first time this year, like lots of climbers we expect – the weather so far this year has been pretty rubbish for climbing so we we’re itching to get out on the rock. Obviously those plans had to change. We’ve been observing social distancing rules together, at John’s place in Birmingham. Being stuck indoors with your best mate is better than without (we hope – we’re still friends so far!)

What we have found so far is that we have been far from bored. In fact, we’ve had tonnes to do. We have so much time, and so many things we never quite have time to get around to doing to get done. Lauren has started to learn Yoga. John’s garage has never been so tidy and we’re motivated to exercise and train so we’re adventure ready when we’re the other side of this. The to-do list is shrinking down and it has felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pause, rest and catch up with everything.

If there was ever a time to take some time for yourself to do something you’ve wanted to do this might just be it. Learn to play an instrument, make videos, spend some time in the garden. Those of us who are working age might not ever have free time like this again until we are retired. Let’s make the most of it. Adventures can be planned now, but can certainly wait until later.

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