Walking Snowdonia: Drum

What a day! While in North Wales we decided we wanted to walk up some hills…So that’s what we did.

With cloud in the forecast we chose a route the took in a couple of lower peaks, with the option to bag a #welsh3000 if we wanted.

Here is a map of the route. A pink line forms a figure of eight.

We started at the car park and headed for #talyfan which sits at 610m at the summit. The climb is short, sweet and in places pretty steep! It was a little test before we committed ourselves to a longer and higher walk. We haven’t been out on the hills for a while and since then, despite having 2 jabs, John had a touch of long covid and Lauren also ‘caught’ Asthma, so definitely a bit of a test of our lungs.

A cloudy view overlooking another Welsh peak. The top is just in the clouds.

Most of the way up, John holds a backpack while walking and uses a walking pole to check the height of any steps or drops but when the ground gets steep he lets go and finds his own way up.

John stands on rocks following a gulley upwards.

Next was a sharp decent and another climb talking in #foellwyd (600m) unavoidably as we went. Here again, we had options, head straight up a steep path, go back to the car park or take a long farm track up to the top. We went with the steep path and it was a pretty long trudge up to #drumsummit with plenty of bogs around. We saw #carneddauponies as we went and stepped in a fair bit of their poo ??

Carnadau Ponies. One is walking on the crest of a hill while another munches grass.

We reached the summit which was a pretty good feeling after a tough climb. We decided afterwards to head back down even though the top of #foelfras was clear. We’d already had a good work out and we wanted to do a first for us, which was to get back down in the light. (We succeeded!) great day!

Lauren and John stand inside a windbreak made from rocks. Hills are visible in the distance. These shelters are a great place to sit out of the wind while you have a snack.

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