Litelok have kindly supported us with a twin set of their sold silver rated locks. We’re a big fan of the wearable kits you can get with these. Carrying locks on our tandem can be a challenge as there is little frame space, so being able to wear the locks around our waist has been incredibly useful.

Boot Bananas! Saving the world from fruity feet! In all seriousness, our lives, and climbing shoes are a whole lot less stinky thanks to these great inventions!

We met Georgia from Wyatt and Jack on a visit to the Isle of Wight to deliver some old marquee roofs to be recycled. Lucky for us, she magically turned them into some roll-top bags for us to take on our adventures. #InflatableAmnesty

bear grylls

Thanks to Bear Grylls Ventures for providing us with the Revo Sunglasses. Sunglasses are handy for anybody, but for John, they are an essential way for him to cope with changes in light. John has a pair of Mavericks and Lauren the Espen. #NeverGiveUp


We spent 2019 as proud SayYesMore ambassadors – part of a team trying to nudge people into a more adventurous lifestyle through sharing content, blogs and creating events. While there’s no ambassador programme for 2020, we’ll be staying on the team.