Wake Up Wild by the sea

We’d hadn’t returned to Winterton Dunes since our epic 30 mile day on our Norfolk Coast Path walk but it’s a place that ticks a lot of boxes for a wild camp: Good views, places to tuck yourself out of view and a cafe!

Wake Up Wild logo

WakeUpWild is an initiative run by SayYesMore to get 2019 people under the stars for a night and to help raise a bit of money for treeaid. See a little more about it here or head to Wake Up Wild on Facebook to see if there’s a camp coming up near you.

The setting sun behind the dunes
7.30pm the sun is low, but gave enough light for us to find a camping spot

We arrived in Winterton at about 7.30pm. Plenty of light to find a camping spot but the number of dog walkers was starting to dwindle- perfect!

John is stood on the flat camping area
John is pretty good at using his walking pole or cane to decide whether an area is flat enough for sleeping
At night, a light lights up John who is setting up his bed for the night
Setting up camp for the night

We set up our tarp, had a cider and chatted until it was time to sleep. This is when we realised that summer and winter has a big difference we hadn’t even considered. Not the warmer weather, not the longer earlier mornings, nope, the bugs! All night we were bombarded and ‘bugged’ by flying bitey things – but the sun poking through the clouds in the morning was well worthwhile.

In the distance sunrays beam out of the clouds reflecting on the sea

Bite count: Lauren: 16. John: 8. We must remember the insect repellent next time!

Take a look at the video from the campout

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