Raising awareness of accessibility during the pandemic

Over recent weeks and months, we’ve slowly began to watch the world around us turn more ‘covid-secure’ and less accessible to those with a disability. Small oversights that have led to a big drop in some people’s independence and ability to get around.

At first we noticed that some disabled bays getting blocked off, an inconvenience for us (and the need for John to be extra careful with the car door!) but a major problem for wheelchair users or those who cannot walk far. In our minds, the solution would be to reserve a few more disabled bays where those originally there had been turned into queues, but it hasn’t happened on a wider scale and the queues look like they are due to stay for a while longer.

We’ve also noticed large parts of paths on high streets and retail parks get blocked off, forcing pedestrians into the carpark or roads close-by. Imagine doing that if you couldn’t see or hear.

This is why in recent times the outdoors has been easier for John to navigate. The below video was the first time John went out ‘alone’ with guide dog Daisy and it’s not something he is eager to do again.

Take a look at the report by Daniel Hewitt from ITV.

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